Product design: Verso App
Senior Experience & UI Designer
at Carter. / Wongdoody


Verso brings classroom collaboration with a digital focus, enabling anonymous students participation on the platform whilst providing teachers access detailed student participation data. This unique approach removes the barrier of shyness for students who are less comfortable with speaking in front of a class, encouraging honest and pressure-free debate.

We were tasked to bring a full refresh to this vision by designing the second version of Verso’s application, expanding on the first iteration of the platform to support teachers in Australia and the United States.


A first round of gathering requirements had been done at the time I joined the team. As the designer taking over from the initial drafts of user journeys and wireframe layouts, I went through all existing requirements for the project during the handover session.

At a time when the design team was going significant changes with new people, I paired up with a UX strategist so we could make a plan of what our next steps would be, then cam back to our client with a detailed timeline with clear deliverables and sprints.


Our first action was to review the two distinctive audiences of the project and understand how very differently they would use the product.

On one side, the school teachers that would create various acitivities of different difficulty levels for their students, with accurate tracking of their individual progress. This would allow them to identify which students need assistance and how they can guide them on an individual level, without raising attention of the whole class.

And on the other end, how students would interact with the system and engage anonymously with one another.

We organised a workshop to define the core elements of the application that would apply to each audience or in certain cases, to both. And along with out client, defined the functionalities that would be brought to the new system to answer their users’ needs.


To validate our prototype and refine it where needed, we organised a user testing session in a local school to place the application in the hands of teachers, some of them familiar with the first version of the product and others that had never used it before.

Our notes and observations all went into a detailed report to the client team with highlighted changes we needed to bring in order to adjust the system in a few places to better fit users behavioural patterns on the product.


We needed to create a visual language that feels inviting and easy to use for both teachers and students across various ages. The new Verso needed to take these two user profiles on board through bite-sized information, teaching them how to use the platform not by reading a manual, but by guiding their actions every step of the way.

Teachers required access to detailed information about their students’ progress and participation in class activities . Being the only ones capable of identifying students behind the responses and comments on activities, teachers can tailor their level of support or encouragement in specific subjects.


We created sets of data visualisation and tools for teachers to easily create various activities for their students, but also track their challenges and progress.

The most rewarding moment came when teachers commented during user testing sessions that the new platform felt more powerful whilst being familiar from the first version, allowing for smooth onboarding.

Growing through multiple iterations, the platform incorporated more guides and activities targeted at teachers to regularly improve on the quality of this online classroom collaboration.

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