LaunchVic: Laneways

Laneways platform
Senior Experience & UI Designer
at Carter. / Wongdoody


LaunchVic, the Victorian Government’s startup agency, identified the lack of a centralised, online hub for information about the local startup community. The aim was to create such a platform to support the development and marketing of the Victorian Startup ecosystem.


After our redesign of LaunchVic’s main website, it was important to bring something new to the Laneways program by creating a distinctive and unique identity. Our aim was to elevate the brand as an internationally recognised destination for startups and investors by being simple, modern, and bold.

The focus of the platform from inception has been the access to information and resources. It was important to create an information architecture that allow for fast discoveries and was simple for either startups or investors.

Our second focus was to promote Melbourne as a destination for startups and investors alike, rivalling any other internationally recognised hubs of activity and innovation.


We created a platform that brought startups and investors at the front of its offering whilst providing access to resources and highlighting Melbourne as a destination for professionals.

The platform allowed new startups or investors to add their profiles or companies through a simple, step-by-step form that focused on the essential information to give each field the same visibility and recognition.

The whole platform is built around a simple, but comprehensive design system that showcases the clean but bold identity we brought to the program.

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