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Bite Back Mental Fitness Challenge Website
Lead Experience & UI Designer
at Carter. / Wongdoody


BITE BACK is an online positive psychology program created by Black Dog Institute, helping 12-18 year olds to build up their psychological well-being and resilience through a series of challenges and weekly themes.

We were hired to help improve the week-by-week completion in Bite Back as a significant drop in participation from the second week onwards was observed. The project had a strong UI focus, with the requirement to maintain the existing structure whilst making the interface more visually appealing.


With limited time and under the constraint of keeping the initial structure intact, the UX focus of the project was the user interface. We reviewed the hierarchy of information on each page and brought improvements through typography, colour choices, iconography and interactions.

An important addition to the experience was the inclusion of interactions and animations rewarding our young users for the completion of each challenge and a prompt to start the next challenge immediately. We noticed that once users started a challenge, they were a lot more likely to see it to completion. Adding this simple but significant step to the journey will reduce the bounce rate observed after week 1 on the previous version of the site.


As Black Dog Institute works with their own development team in-house, we provided a detailed design system for the new UI, highlighting how each element should look, animate, and react to user actions. Since the internal development workflow of the client could have been either waterfall or agile, we made sure to create a full guide that was easy to use in either scenarios and to serve as a reference guide in the future. 

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