The Australian Ballet

Australian Ballet Website
Senior Experience & UI Designer
at Carter. / Wongdoody


As a long time client of Carter, almost everyone in the agency was given an opportunity to work on the Australian Ballet’s website in its various stages. My involvement began after the first launch of the site, helping with the initial rounds of ongoing improvements and functionalities.

This massive platform grew over the years, and we had to successfully translate the experience and virtuoso of the Ballet across to digital platforms for both new and long-time returning users.


Entering a existing large project came with its challenges. Fortunately the size of the platform meant the whole team was fully across every aspect of it and helped me get heavily involved in a short time frame.

As we progressed, we improved on existing functionalities and expanded the offerings available to users. Every new element of the experience brought the team back to the drawing board to create new user flows, requirements and objectives to achieve the best user experience possible. We moved step by step and iterated after each discovery.


Each new functionality came within a fully scoped design system that expanded on the existing basis of the initial project.

Even though each new element came with its own challenges and novelties, the team kept the identity of the Ballet website intact whilst expanding its digital offering for both new and returning users.

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